The first Halal Beef Foul Medammas in Malaysia and even the first in the world!

Without any preservatives and also certified Halal from JAKIM.

The preparation is very simple that you just have to reheat it using frying pan or microwave.

This special dish is so delicious to be accompanied with buttered toast / French bread and even more yummy if you add it with slices of green pepper, onions, a half fresh squeeze of calamansi lime and sunny side up egg!

The taste is so flavourful and scrumptious until you can’t say no for another bowl of Cupchai Foul Medammas! So Yummy!!

It contains of 425gram per can and can be eaten for 2-3 person per serving.

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 8 cm