Living Planet Goat’s Milk 1 L

Why Goat’s Milk?

Goat’s milk is a popular drink around the world, enjoyed for its many benefits and its delicious sweet and slightly salty taste.

Smooth Taste

The butterfat globules in goat’s milk are smaller than those found in cow’s milk, making for a smoother tasting and easier to digest milk.

Milk Allergies?

As the protein in goat’s milk is different from that in cow’s milk, some people allergic to cow’s milk may be able to drink goat’s milk.

Good For You

Goat’s milk is a good source of calcium and contains protein and potassium. It is an excellent food for us to enjoy.

  • – Mild and tasty
  • – A source of calcium & protein
  • – Less than 4% fat
  • – Smooth and delicious
  • – Smooth and tasty
  • – Say no to GM foods.
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