“Add flavour with every sip of your milk beverage with Sipahh! Sippah is a straw filled with different flavours. Drink your milk through these straws and as the milk passes through the straw, it combines the will with the flavour of the straw! Tell me you didn’t love that…
Pack contents: 5 x straws
Milk flavouring straws with 5 classic flavours
Cocoa-Bean Chocolate – A chocolate delight
Luscious Strawberry – The flavour of ripe strawberries
Mellow Yellow Banana Smoothie – A tropical taste of bananas and sunshine
Okey-Dokey Cookies & Cream – The taste of home-baked goodness
Chilled-Out Mint-Choc – A refreshing taste of mint and chocolate
Less than 1/2 tsp sugar per straw
Lightly flavoured pearls of tapioca infuse the milk with lovely bursts of flavour

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 24 cm